About Us

Shalom to you.  Salaam Alaykum!

wall-refugee-camp-2We are the Palestine Israel Justice Project.  Our persistent vision is of peace in the land that we call “Holy.”  In the spirit of the Hebrew prophets and Jesus of Nazareth, we believe that where there is no justice there can be no lasting peace.

To that end, our mission is to promote understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its impact on global stability.  Putting to use the updates which we receive daily from our contacts in Palestine and Israel, we work in a growing variety of ways toward a lasting peace with justice.

We invite you to join us in a lifetime of learning, of experiencing spiritual vitality, and of an exhilarating way of life as you find yourself making a difference for peace.

Shalom.  Salaam alaykum.  God’s “whole peace” be with you.